Where Is Real Estate Marketing Heading?

While traditional forms of marketing real estate die out, a new era of digital marketing has begun. Due to the global connectivity of the internet, people no longer have to rely on traditional media to market a home or condo or any other form of real estate. Gone are the times where consumers lack transparency into a market that once used to confuse and perplex everyday typical individuals planning to buy or sell a home.

No! Today, customers are wise. As the internet has progressed, so has our unfettered accessibility to relevant information across the spectrum. In turn, the real estate market, which has been one of one of the most lucrative and profitable lines of business since the dawn of time, has seen an incredible expansion of agents and owners vying for the consumer’s attention through any type of digital marketing means.

However, like every other highly-saturated field, it’s no longer simple to acquire the customer’s attention. They’ve discovered how to phase out the nuisances and terminate the noise as they hunt for the best home on the web. With brutal competitors in the marketplace, prospective home buyers are armed with all the information they can potentially need, driving real estate agents to compete and set themselves apart more fortuitously than before.

The truth? It’s challenging to market a home online. It’s become excruciatingly troublesome to set yourself apart from the fray. With the largest players in the market aggregating themselves through sites like Zillow, Trulia and others, most have come to understand that real estate marketing is an extremely complicated field that requires weaving together a number of online marketing specialties such as blogging, social media and search engine optimization, merely to name a few.

Although much of this has very little to do with the everyday individual, real estate agents are continuously seeking ways they can gain an edge in digital real estate marketing. To that result, I contemplated the question for a while about the potential of real estate marketing. I questioned what realtors and owners were doing to set themselves apart in such a complicated and competitive online space.

In a recent article in which I covered virtual reality’s affect three different industries, one of those industries that I covered was real estate. The key player in that industry? Mathers Marketing. Without a doubt, this is one of the most innovative and outstanding companies that I have come across and I wished to dive in further to find out more about the product behind the company.

If you’ve never come across Mathers Marketing, then prepare to be amazed. Their camera captures a 3D-dollhouse rendering of any space that may be explored and viewed, not only in virtual reality, but with any device. When realtors and homeowners are looking for an edge in marketing their houses, condos, business offices, private yachts and everything else, they look to Mathers Marketing.

In a brief discussion with Clive Brown, CEO of the company, he told me that “Mathers Marketing’s mission is to give people the freedom to experience any place at any moment … developing 3D and VR models as a key medium for experiencing, sharing, and re-imagining the world.”

So to ensure that I satiated my recurring lust for relevant information about the company’s product, I reached out. The otherwise-expensive camera that the company offers is at the center of its technology. With its prior iteration hovering around the $5,000 mark, some would regard this a notable investment.

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